Our Programs

CORES is an award winning program at both national and state level in Tasmania.

Kentish Regional Clinic Inc is the registered organisation to deliver the CORES Australia, LGBTIQA+ Professional Development, Bi+ Australia and HIPPY Kentish (Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters) programs.

Community owed response to eliminate suicide

Training programs that aim to teach recognising suicidal signs, crisis intervention, stress management, resilience, and self-care for improved mental health and wellbeing.

LGBTIQA+ one day professional development
LGBTIQA+ training promotes understanding, inclusivity, and support for LGBTIQA+ individuals, addressing specific needs, challenges, and fostering a safe, respectful environment.
Hippy Kentish

You are your child’s first and most important teacher. HIPPY gives you access to fun, free tools and activities for you and your child – you’ll gain new skills and confidence and connect with other parents.

Who are we?

CORES is an award winning program at both national and state level in Tasmania.

We have earned strong credentials throughout Australia, educating communities to be proactive in suicide prevention and intervention. CORES has twice been featured on the ABC television program, Landline, in November 2006 and October 2008.

This training is designed to provide individuals and communities with the essential skills and resources required to identify and respond to a person at risk of suicide and build on a communities capacity to eliminate suicide.

As seen on abc - landline