Rewarding the valuable work we do in communities

Sharon Corvinus-Jones


Sharon Corvinus-Jones is very proud to be the Chief Executive Officer of CORES Australia and involved in the valuable work that they do in communities. She grew up in outback Queensland, feeling different, confused and very alone. She went on to become the first female shearer in Australia before moving to North West Tasmania. Struggling to come to terms with both her “gender” and “sexuality” and surviving a 30 year battle with suicidal intention, while working it all out for herself. In 2010 Sharon was awarded the “Red Herring Surf Social Inclusion Award” in recognition of her work as an Educator/Counsellor at Working It Out, her role with CORES Australia and her voluntary work as the founding member of Connect4Life. She is well aware of the difference organisations like “CORES Australia” make in helping communities to care for and to look out for each other. Sharon says “I honestly believe that if it wasn’t for my training with CORES Australia, I wouldn’t be alive today. It has also given me the tools to finally free myself of suicidal ideation and improve my quality of life beyond what I could ever have imagined.”

Kind regards from Sharon.

2007 Life Awards


Tasmanian Life Awards

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