One day course participant comments

" I feel I now have a reasonable knowledge and bank of questions and resources to help someone who may be having suicidal thoughts". Sheffield 2014

"Very insightful and helpful. Very well delivered" Ulverstone 2014

"It was excellent, this course will be of much help to me in my workplace with teenagers".  Ulverstone 2014

"Very informative, had some knowledge  on suicide before attending but nothing on intervention. Once I finished the course I had learnt a lot on intervention". East Devonport 2014

"Now I have a better understanding of questions, interventions, risks and resources". Devonport 2014

" Yes, very informative. The facilitator explained things clearly and led open discussion. Very worthwhile session that should be rolled out across the business". Brisbane 2014

"Yes, I feel this course needs to be more widespread. Very valuable course and lessons learnt". Brisbane 2014

" Valuable course for supervisors and apprentices". Brisbane 2014

" This course had some valuable information towards suicidal intervention" Townsville 2014

" I have learnt so much and will be able to hopefully help someone". Townsville 2014

"The course was well worth attending". Ayr 2014

" I hope I never have to use these skills but I feel prepared if I have to". Ayr 2014

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